Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC

via cameronmoll:

Yesterday Adobe unveiled Adobe Generator, an update for Creative Cloud subscribers who primarily use Photoshop for the web. The update is available immediately.

WebdesignerDepot has written a nice overview of Generator, which I’ll substitute for my own commentary on the matter.

I will, however, observe the following:

  • I’ve yet to install the update (that won’t happen until I’m at my main computer tomorrow), but the ability to export image assets without having to Save for Web seems incredibly useful.
  • Million dollar idea: 1) fork Photoshop, 2) call it simply Webshop, 3) iterate new web-specific features like Generator, 4) quell public outcry about PS falling short for web work.
  • Perhaps Generator will also quell complaints about the Creative Cloud subscription model. Immediate updates such as this are the perfect counter-argument. (I’ve been a subscriber nearly since day one, and I’m loving it.)

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