Streamified | All Your Social Streams in One Beautiful Journal [Sponsor}


Add separate streams for your social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Goog Reader, blogs (and many more), then watch them come together chronologically in the “All Streams” view. More than just a reader, Streamified allows you to update your status, capture photos, share links, “like” posts, retweet, reblog and more from your favorite social networks.

Streamified is an app for iOS that is designed to take all of those various feeds you need to pay attention to — from Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr to various blogs — and gather them together into one place.

For instance, I’m not a big Facebook fan but I am involved in a number of upcoming events that are using it for organizing and issuing updates. I also have a few news-type sites that I like to check out but don’t need to see immediately. Streamified has been wonderful in allowing me to check all of those things out in one app, on my schedule, and on my terms. I can bookmark them as I scroll through then choose what to do with that stuff from there (including Instapaper support which, for me, is essential). Plus, it’s a really great group of folks who care about user feedback and have a commitment to make the best tool possible. They are sponsoring this week’s RSS feed and I urge you to check them out.  

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